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beribboned bounty

A handcrafted pumpkin accessorizes a harvest basket filled with seasonal finds.

A pumpkin crafted of open-weave ribbon, topped with a branch and a permanent leaf, is the focal point in this seasonal design that will easily transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The fabric fruit could be used in many other ways, as well, including as a Halloween accessory. For an elegant fall flourish such as is shown here, be sure to accessorize basket handles with pretty seasonal ribbon. 

MATERIALS: basket and permanent berries from favorite suppliers; preserved Hydrangeas, wheat, yarrow, thistles and clovers from Knud Nielson Company; ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company; plastic-foam orb from FloraCraft.

Cut indentations into opposite ends of a plastic-foam ball to create the top and bottom of the pumpkin.

Fold a length of 21⁄2-inch-wide ribbon in half lengthwise, and crimp one end to hold the wires secure. Beginning at the opposite end, pull both wires simultaneously, gathering the ribbon along the wires. Repeat this process until you have enough sections to cover the ball.

Attach one end of a gathered ribbon section to the indentation of the plastic-foam ball with a hairpin-shaped wire.

Turn the ball over, and attach the other end of the ribbon near the opposite indentation. Continue attaching gathered ribbon sections until the ball is covered. Shape the ribbon as you go, keeping it firm but avoiding pulling it too tight. The indentations make it possible to tuck the ribbon ends into the ball to help create the pumpkin shape.

  These how-tos were excerpted from the book Ribbons and Flowers, which combines ribbons with flowers in projects for a variety of seasons and holidays in a how-to format. 40 projects with easy-to-follow, step-by-step how-to instructions. Softcover. 98 pages. $24.95. To order, click here or call (800) 355-8086.


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