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Workbench Basics
Fruits of your labor

Raid your produce department for all-natural mechanics that showcase your creativity.

Capitalize on your link with the produce department by trying out these creative and summery centerpieces that use melons as their bases. These creations are perfect items to offer for picnic dÈcor, Fourth of July, party arrangements and for sending along with your store’s catering staff to show off the floral department’s skills. Keep in mind, the melons will have a limited display life, so suggest these arrangements only for short-duration events.

These green-and-gold-centered spray chrysanthemums look as if they popped naturally from this fresh watermelon basket, with their arrangement at staggered heights. They are cut short and inserted directly into the watermelon as their source of hydration. A short shelf life makes this arrangement best for parties, picnics or catered events, where it can take center stage for a limited time.

If needed, slice off the rounded bottom of the watermelon to keep it stable. With the melon lengthwise, cut straight into the watermelon just to the right of the center, stopping halfway through. From the right end of the watermelon, slice at a right angle until you meet the first cut, and lift out the segment. Repeat on the left side. Carve enough of the pink flesh out of the remaining semicircle to create a “handle.”

MATERIALS: spray chrysanthemums from favorite supplier; watermelon from produce department.



The elegant air of these ‘Apricot’ roses and Hypericum dress up a simple cantaloupe carved into a container. The apricot hue is a perfect choice for this orange-fleshed produce, whose textured rind adds interest at the base. Because floral foam holds the flowers in this display, it has a bit longer shelf life but is also best used in the short term. Casual but still classic, it’s perfect for parties or catering functions.

HOW TO: If needed, cut a slice from the bottom of the cantaloupe to create a firm base. Use a paper or foam cup as a template for carving out a circular opening in the cantaloupe’s top. Scoop out the flesh to the desired depth, and insert soaked floral foam into the opening. Rose stems are cut short and arranged into the foam, and Hypericum accents the spaces between the roses.

MATERIALS: OASISÆ Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis; ‘Apricot’ roses and Hypericum from favorite suppliers; cantaloupe from produce department.



This honeydew half calls to mind an island retreat with its tropical foliage and all-green palette. Sleek and spiky textures make it modern and fun, and a layer of powdered foam allows for just a few standout ingredients without the mechanics showing. This, too, should be used quickly to get the best showing from the fruit and flowers, perhaps at an island-themed party or event or at a catered breakfast.

HOW TO: If needed, slice a bit from the bottom of the honeydew melon to make a stable base. Cut a rectangle of floral foam just smaller than the melon, and, using it as a guide, carve out the same shape from the melon. Insert the floral foam and shave the top even with the melon. Sprinkle powdered foam into the gaps and across the top for an even appearance. Then arrange the flowers and foliages.

MATERIALS: Anthuriums and Eryngium ‘Supernova’ (sea holly) from Orchids Direct; Lime Green OASISÆ RainbowÆ Foam and RainbowÆ Foam Powder from Smithers-Oasis; Philodendron leaf from favorite supplier; honeydew melon from produce department.

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