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Workbench Basics
Basket-building basics

Two popular methods of construction for sturdy gift-basket designs.

While there as many ways to arrange gift baskets as there are people who design them, there are two basic techniques for assembling beautiful baskets that will ensure that the baskets will arrive in their recipients’ hands in perfect condition, ready to be appreciated and enjoyed for all their bountiful splendor.

Themed Basket ideas
Fresh herbs, herb seed packets, or a window sill herb garden kit; barbecue “rubs” and other exotic spices or seasonings; marinades or marinade mixes; an apron; long matches or butane lighter; wood chips; and assorted barbecue utensils. Package in a charcoal bucket.

Fruits and fruit dips; muffins and bagels; jams, jellies, and honey; coffees, teas, or cocoas; a
tea towel or cloth napkins; and a morning newspaper or city magazine. Package on a bed tray or serving tray.

Seed kits for a wildflower, hummingbird, butterfly or cat-lover garden; potting soil; gardening
gloves; trowel; and a kneeling pad or knee pads. Package in a clay pot or gardening caddy.

Method 1 - HOW TO:
1. Layer sheets of newspaper into the bottom of the container, and cover with a thin layer of shred. Spread the shred apart, making a “well” for your heaviest or tallest item, which should sit on the paper, not the shred.

2. Place the next heaviest or largest items around the first item, on top of the shred, and pack shred between the items. Make sure each item sits flat and firmly in the container. If fruit is included, place it around the edges.

3. Use cellophane or shrink wrap to secure all the items in the basket. Add a twist tie or piece of ribbon to the top where the wrap is gathered. If the basket contains fruit, punch tiny holes in the wrap so the fruit can “breath.”

MATERIALS: assorted gift products, shred, newspaper, cellophane or shrink-wrap film, transparent tape, twist ties and ribbon from favorite suppliers.

Method 2 - HOW TO:
1. Trim a block (or blocks) of dry floral foam to fit snugly into the container and sit no higher than the container’s rim. Place tissue paper over the foam, and fill the spaces between the sides of the foam and the basket with shred.

2. Use transparent tape to secure a wood pick or two to the back side of each product. Position each product by inserting the wood picks into the foam, and tuck shred between the products. Then wrap the basket as shown in Method One.

MATERIALS: assorted gift products, shred, newspaper, cellophane or shrink-wrap film, transparent tape, wood picks, twist ties and ribbon from favorite suppliers.

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