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Eryngium spp. (e-RIN-jee-um)



Sea holly, Eryngo



Eryngiums have thistlelike blossoms that are supported on sturdy, widely branched, stiff stems. The blossoms are framed at the base with a single-layer, multipointed star of leaves.



As the flower heads of blue species of Eryngiums develop, their colors transform from hues of bottle green to blue-green, navy to steel blue, and gunmetal to metallic sky-blue. The spiny bracts surrounding the flower heads are grayish blue to grayish green. Eryngiums also are available in rose hues.



The blossoms will last for 10 to 12 days with proper care. The foliage lasts from five to eight days. These flowers also dry well. Inform customers about their ability to be dried; they will appreciate the additional value.



Eryngiums are available year-round, although their peak growing season is from July to September.




REFRIGERATION Eryngiums can be held in floral refrigerators at 34 F to 38 F. Cold storage can intensify the flower colors.

WATER Check the water level daily, and add flower-food solution as needed. Remove any damaged or dying foliage or flowers. Recut stems every three to four days to ensure effective water uptake.

ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY Ethylene gas does not affect Eryngiums.




of note

DESIGN TIPS These interesting flowers are excellent in fresh or dried arrangements and lend a wonderful contrast when combined with softer textured blossoms.

CONSUMER CARE TIPS Advise customers to display their flowers in a cool location, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.




fun facts

WHAT'S IN A NAME “Eryngium” is the Greek word for “thistle.” E. maritimum, one of the most commercially grown species, is native to the seashores of western Europe and the Mediterranean, giving rise to the “sea” portion of the common name “sea holly.” The spiny margins of the bracts that surround the central raspberrylike flowers lend the second part of the name, “holly.”


FAMILY Eryngiums are members of the Umbelliferae/Apiaceae (parsley or carrot) family. Relatives include Queen Anne’s lace (Ammi), Bupleurum (thoroughwax) and anise (Pimpinella).


HOME SWEET HOME Some of the 230 species of Eryngiums are native to the meadowlands of Argentina and Uruguay. Other species come from Siberia, the Balkans and the Alpine regions of Eastern Europe.


quality checklist

BLOOMS Purchase Eryngiums when the flowers are fully developed.


STEMS If harvested too early, the stems will be weak and will not hold up well. sfr



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