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Floral Trends

The use of bulbs and their flowers can liven up the appearance of your department and customers’ homes.

Bulb flowers are one of the hallmarks of spring, beckoning warmer weather and the new life each spring brings with it. And they are a great way to bring the outdoors in for your customers. More and more containers just for bulbs are coming to the market, such as the beautiful clear glass vases you see here. Offer a selection of bulbs in different stages—boxed for planting, planted and sprouting, and a few starting to bloom—for customers to give as gifts and to show them what their plants will look like with a bit of care.

MATERIALS: prepackaged bulbs with die-cut window to see size and quality of the bulbs from Netherland Bulb Co.; permanent bulb wreath from ARTEflorum; 8-inch Bubble Ball from Syndicate Sales; wire basket and permanent tulip bulbs from Aldik.

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