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Spring style

Increase sales of tulips with these creative designs.

Beautiful, versatile tulips are popular for virtually all spring occasions. They’re perfect as gifts and also are irresistible impulse items for home décor or “just because.” These three innovative yet easy-to-master designs provide a variety of perspectives on these customer favorites.

With coiled aluminum wire and fresh double tulips, this design allows customers to truly spring into spring. Repetition is achieved not only with the wire coiled around each tulip, holding the stems in place, but also around the shiny silver mint julep cup. This unified presentation is perfect for adding a modern look to any atmosphere.

HOW TO: Coil wire around a taper candle, then remove the coil. Beginning at the bottom of each tulip stem, pull the coil up over the leaves to the tulip head.

MATERIALS: mint julep cup from S.N.K. Enterprises; Apple Green Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis; tulips from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center.



Yellow and green drinking straws complement a gathering of creamy yellow tulips arranged simply in a clear glass cylinder. In addition to their fun appeal, the straws serve a mechanical purpose, holding the tulips in place. This playful design is perfect for a child’s hospital gift or can be suggested for restaurant tables.

HOW TO: Place drinking straws into a vase, and push them around the interior perimeter to create a void in the center. Arrange tulips into the void.

MATERIALS: 6-inch Cylinder from Syndicate Sales; tulips from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center.



Ribbon acts as the filler for this monobotanical tulip design, which adds a burst of brightness to any setting. Short lengths of wired ribbon are tied beneath each bloom, with some of the ribbon tails curled upward and some curled downward, for an uncontrived look.

HOW TO: Tie a short length of wired ribbon beneath each tulip bloom. Slightly curl the ribbon ends.

MATERIALS: 5-inch Pyramid Vase from Syndicate Sales; ribbon from Designer Dispatch Ribbon; tulips from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center.


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