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Super Floral Retailing
3300 SW Van Buren
Topeka, KS  66611

Top row, from left: Lisa Strydom, advertising sales director; Darin Osterhaus, director of finance/operations; David Coake, 
editorial director; and Mitchell Unruh, shipping clerk. Second row, from left: Talmage McLaurin, AIFD, publisher; Frances 
Dudley, AAF, president; and Cynthia McGowan, editor in chief. Third row, from left: John Collins, art director; Sheila 
Simmons, account executive; Charlotte Pittman, AIFD, classified advertising account executive; and Amy Bauer, associate editor.
Bottom row, from left: Teresa Booher, account coordinator; Kim Tjelmeland, circulation coordinator; James Miller, AIFD, 
visual editor; and Regina Goodman, administrative assistant.  Not pictured: Monica Humbard and Shelley Urban, contributing editors.
Editorial: Design / Production:
David L. Coake, Editorial Director John Collins, Art Director
Cynthia L. McGowan, Editor-in-Chief Advertising:
Amy Bauer, Associate Editor Lisa Strydom, Advertising Sales Director
James Miller, AIFD, Visual Editor Sheila Simmons, Account Executive
Monica Humbard, Contributing Editor Charlotte Pittman, AIFD,
Shelley Urban, Contributing Editor    Classified Advertising Account Executive
Pamela J. Smith, AAF, PFCI, Columnist Teresa Booher, Advertising Coordinator
Steven W. Brown, AIFD, Columnist Circulation: 
Kim Tjelmeland, Customer Service Representative

Florists' Review Enterprises, Inc.
Frances Dudley, President
Talmage McLaurin, AIFD, Publisher
Darin Osterhaus, Director of Finance / Operations

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