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Spray mum

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Dendranthema x grandiflorum (den-DRAN-the-ma grand-i-FLOR-um) syn. Chrysanthemum x morifolium (kris-AN-the-mum mor-i-FOL-i-um)

Spray mum, Spray chrysanthemum, Pompon

Chrysanthemums display composite heads of ray and disk flowers in numerous forms and sizes. The stems of spray mums have been pinched to produce multiple flowers. Spray mums’ flower forms include button, cushion, daisy, duet, spider and exotic.

Spray mums are available in hues of purple, lavender, red, pink, orange, bronze, yellow, green, white and bicolors.

Spray mums have a vase life of seven to 14 days, sometimes longer.

Spray mums are available year-round. varieties Breeders introduce new varieties of spray mums every year. The photos on this page are of new spray mums recently introduced by Dekker Chrysanten B.V. and Yoder Brothers, Inc.

vase-life extenders
REFRIGERATION Store mums at 33 F to 35 F.
FLOWER PAIRINGS Certain microorganisms normally associated with carnations can reduce mums’ vase life if the two flowers are stored in the same container.

fun facts
MEANING The common name “chrysanthemum” comes from the Greek words “chrysos,” which means “gold,” and “anthemon,” which means “flower.”
FAMILY Chrysanthemums are members of the Asteraceae (aster) family (a.k.a. the Compositae/daisy family). Relatives include Cosmos, Dahlias, Zinnias, Calendulas (pot marigolds) and Helichrysums (strawflowers).
ORIGINS The flowers are native to China.

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Photos courtesy of Yoder Brothers, Inc and Dekker Chrysanten B.V.


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