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Playing dress-up

Creative adornments to spice up potted plants of all kinds.

There are many traditional ways to spruce up your flowering and foliage plants, including adding pretty ribbon, festive pot wraps and decorative picks, but here we offer three ideas that are a little more unusual and a little more profitable. Each of these designs begins by placing the plant into a clay pot, but a basket or coordinated speed wrap might work just as well. From there, follow these instructions to make unique and inviting potted plants that are sure to be hot sellers while increasing profits for your floral department.

1) Remove several of the lower leaves (especially if some of the bottom leaves have yellowed), and cover the soil with Spanish moss. Attach wired wood picks to three ears of Indian corn, where the husks and the ears come together. Insert the wood.



2) Wire two slices of dried orange onto each of several wood picks, then insert the picks into the soil so that the orange slices form a collar around the edge of the pot. Tuck Spanish moss around the orange slices if needed.



3) Cover the soil with a bit of Spanish moss. Create several small bundles of wheat with wired wood picks, and arrange the bundles around the edge of the pot as shown.

Dried Indian corn, dried orange slices and wheat from Knud Nielsen Co.; wired picks from W.J. Cowee; clay pots, Spanish moss, sunflower plant, mum plant and Kalanchoe plant from favorite suppliers.

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