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conifer container

A flower-filled vase covered in winter greenery will stop shoppers in their tracks.

     Evergreen foliages are staples of the holiday season. While many customers still delight in them, a new eye-catching application for the fragrant foliage will give your department a fresh look this year.

     Here, we’ve applied mountain hemlock, which is flat and flexible, to the exterior of a basic glass vase, and then tucked in scarlet tulips and princess pine to create a stunning holiday selection. Other flat greenery, such as cedar, would work as well, and a cluster of cones is the perfect seasonal accent rather than ribbon.

MATERIALS: mountain hemlock and princess pine from The Hiawatha Corporation; Serenity Vase from Syndicate Sales; Tack 2000 spray adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; tulips and pine cones from favorite suppliers.

Spray adhesive onto the backsides of sprigs of mountain hemlock, and press the greenery onto a glass vase in an overlapping fashion. Completely cover the vessel. Arrange fresh flowers and princess pine inside the vase, and embellish the arrangement with a cluster of pine cones.


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