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garden basket

A base of swirled vines and heather spikes contribute to a natural, garden-grown aesthetic.

Design by Tina Stoecker, AIFD, PFCI

     Layered into a foam-filled basket, a mass of untamed-looking vines and fluffy spikes of heather reflect the natural beauty and intentionally unkempt appearance of European gardens. The vines and heather, which are wired to wood picks for quick insertion into the floral foam, combine in a texturally intriguing base through which the florals are arranged.

     Requiring only one stem of spray roses, two Freesias and a snippet of seeded Eucalyptus in addition to the vines and heather, the basket is more economical than its lush appearance would suggest. With its value-added style, this intriguing basket is ideal as a cash-and-carry offering and would be a great hostess or get-well gift as well.

‘Mambo’ spray roses, Freesias, heather, seeded Eucalyptus, Asian honeysuckle vine, basket, wood picks and floral foam from favorite suppliers.

How To
Clip the handle from a basket, insert a plastic liner and secure floral foam into the basket.
  HOW TO 2:
Wire a wood pick to each end of a bunch of Asian honeysuckle vine. Insert the wood picks into opposite sides of the floral foam.
  HOW TO 3:
Wire a wood pick to the tip of each stem of heather. Insert the stem ends and wood picks into the floral foam, allowing the heather to swirl around the vine. Nestle roses into the structure. Then, tuck in Freesias and seeded Eucalyptus.

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