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These easy-to-make Alstroemeria topiaries make stylish gifts and trendy additions to customers’ homes.

Purple-and-green ribbon complements the hues of these ‘Cote d’Azur’ Alstroemerias, which are arranged into floral foam in a contemporary fan-shape “topiary.” The carefree manner in which the ribbons curl contributes to the whimsy of the arrangement, and they add dimension and volume to the design.

HOW TO: Tie ribbons in single knots just below the Alstroemeria leaves, and arrange the Alstroemerias side by side in a fan shape. In addition to bringing fullness and fun to the arrangement, the lavender-and-green ribbon used here accents the colors in the Alstroemerias.

MATERIALS: container from Hill’s Imports, Inc./Park’s Company; moss from Knud Nielsen Company; ribbon from Morex Corp.; Alstroemerias from favorite supplier.



A sheer pink ribbon crisscrosses the bundled stems of ‘Sacramento’ Alstroemerias, from top to bottom, creating a dense mass of blooms in a topiary style and drawing attention upward to these flowers with sunny yellow centers and peach petals. A bow at the base of the stems helps balance the arrangement, bringing a fluffiness at the pot that echoes that of the petals.

HOW TO: Braid a length of ribbon around the bundle of stems. Starting just beneath the Alstroemeria leaves, cross the two ends of the ribbon over one another as shown. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to braid to the bottom of the stems. Wire a bow of the desired size to a wood pick, and insert it into the foam at the base of the stems.

MATERIALS: container from Hill’s Imports, Inc./Park’s Company; moss from Knud Nielsen Company; ribbon from burton + BURTON; Alstroemerias from favorite supplier.



Reeds tied with raffia and surrounding the stems of ‘Valentine’ Alstroemerias give this topiary-style arrangement an Asian ambience. The reeds also offer a neutral color palette against which the red petals pop. Placing the stems into the floral foam in the center of the reed column may be challenging; carving a hole in the foam ahead of time will ease the process.

HOW TO: Create a hollow column by arranging reeds in a circle into the floral foam. Insert the Alstroemeria stems individually into the foam in the center of the reed column. Add stability and style to the design with a raffia bow.

MATERIALS: container from Hill’s Imports, Inc./Park’s Company; moss, reeds and raffia from Knud Nielsen Company; Alstroemerias from favorite supplier.

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