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levitating blossoms

Corsage magnets magically suspend a collection of callas.
  Design by BJ Dyer, AIFD, AAF

     Whether these arrangements are arrayed en masse or displayed singly, this design technique will require a second look to determine if the callas truly are suspended in midair, as they appear to be, with just their stem ends dipping into the water.

     Upon close examination, most viewers will discover the trick, which is the clever use of corsage magnets, one of which is tucked inside the calla spathe while the other is placed at the back of the calla bloom. Attraction holds them in place. A third magnet is placed against the exterior of the vase; this magnet is simply raised or lowered to vertically position the blooms within their glassy cylinders.

     Materials to visually anchor the bases of the cylinders, such as the ‘Milky Way’ Aspidistra leaves shown here, reinforce the impact of the flowers’ hovering effect. Other broad leaves, as well as stones, shells and marbles, would have the same dramatic impact.

MATERIALS: miniature callas courtesy of Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; ‘Milky Way’ Aspidistra leaves from favorite supplier; cylinder vases from Syndicate Sales; Lomey™ Corsage Magnets from Oasis® Floral Products.


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