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funny bunny

A cutesy “cottontail” creation sends cheery Easter greetings.
Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

    This adorable bunny design can serve as both a gift for kids and a gift that kids give to parents, grandparents, teachers and other beloved family and friends. In addition, its construction is so simple, it can be completed in just a few minutes.

    The easy assembly starts with a straw basket. Despite its flexible form, the basket makes a sturdy receptacle when stabilized by a casual tie of ribbon, which also serves as a handsome bow tie for the google-eyed carnation hare. A plastic liner filled with floral foam, placed inside the basket, provides a water source for the foliage and fluffy standard carnation, which is easily bedecked with charming facial features and chenille-stem ears.

MATERIALS: 1 standard carnation, 5 Galax leaves, 1⁄4 stem Camellia, 11⁄2 yards of ribbon, 2 bump chenille stems, google eyes, small pompon, raffia and straw basket from favorite suppliers; Floratape® Stem Wrap from Alcan Packaging; Oasis® Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; Glue Dots® from burton + BURTON.
How To

Adhere the basket’s lid to its base with adhesive dots. Place a foam-filled plastic liner inside the basket. Arrange Galax and Camellia foliage to  cover the foam. Secure the entire “package” with a casual tie of ribbon, to hold all the materials in place.

Bend bump chenille stems to form ears. Tape the ends together with stem wrap. Apply floral adhesive to the taped end, and insert it into the carnation, between the petals and the calyx.

Insert the carnation into the foam, positioned so the bloom rests atop the bow. Apply goggle eyes, nose and raffia whiskers with floral adhesive.

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