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Nontraditional “dish gardens” include a variety of cut and potted botanicals.

Container gardens, or dish gardens as they are often referred to, have been successful offerings in floral departments for years, combining green and blooming plants to create sophisticated yet natural designs. But why not change things up a bit by adding or designing entirely with cut blooms for that extra bit of pizazz?
Our first design highlights the natural landscape manner in which hybrid Delphiniums, Persian buttercups (Ranunculus) and snowballs (Viburnum) are arranged, putting a new spin on the classic plant arrangement. A terrace of Galax leaves, interrupted by a path made from pebbles, lends further interest to the base of the design.

HOW TO: Trim wet floral foam evenly with the top of the container, and place pieces of damp moss on the foam. Create a pathway of pebbles between the moss-covered areas, and arrange fresh cut flowers in the moss-covered areas.

MATERIALS: hybrid Delphiniums from Fresca Farms; Ranunculi and Viburnums from Florabundance; Galax leaves, sheet moss, gravel and plastic saucer from favorite suppliers.



This design again incorporates both cut botanicals and those with roots, but the composition is arranged into an OASIS® Design Ring. Paperwhites (Narcissi), still attached to their bulbs, are set into hollowed spaces created in the foam and anchored with greening pins or wooden picks through the roots or bulbs. The design is ideal for a long-lasting centerpiece because the innovative foam Design Ring is based with a tray that creates a water reservoir in the center of the ring. The water spreads to the foam, and plants can take root and live in the foam.
HOW TO: Cut small craters into wet floral foam, and place Narcissi bulbs atop them. Secure the bulbs with greening pins or wooden picks. Also secure bare-root Dieffenbachia and jade plants with greening pins. Next, arrange cut Ficus and Anemones into the foam. Finally, arrange reindeer moss around the outer edge of the ring.

MATERIALS: 13-inch OASIS® Design Ring from Smithers-Oasis; Anemones and Narcissi from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; reindeer moss from Knud Nielsen Co.; wooden picks from W.J. Cowee; jade, Dieffenbachia, and variegated Ficus from favorite suppliers.

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