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Cool coils of aluminum wire assist designers and artfully decorate Valentine’s Day vases.

     An armature, or support mechanism, is a great tool that helps budding designers, and experienced staff as well, arrange flowers in a vase quickly and attractively. In this case, hot pink aluminum wire is coiled and stretched to create the structure, through which the flower stems are inserted. The armature holds the flowers firmly in place and, while functional, is also a chic, meant-to-be-seen collar. Hanging from the collar is a decorative heart, crafted from the same aluminum wire.

MATERIALS: roses, Ranunculi, miniature Gerberas and waxflowers from favorite suppliers; Oval Vase from American Floral Container; Oasis™ Aluminum Wire from Oasis® Floral Products.

How to:
Coil aluminum wire around a large marker. Remove the coil from the marker, and press it on a hard surface to flatten. Pull and stretch the flattened coil, forming it into a disc shape. Place the wire disc, or armature, atop the vase, and arrange flowers into the openings.



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