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Workbench Basics
Plush pairings

Try these techniques for keeping plush additions to floral designs dry.

Customers have many needs to satisfy during Valentine’s Day. They’re buying for spouses, children, parents, grandchildren, friends, co-workers—the list goes on. Make sure you have the products on hand that will satisfy those needs and get those sales.
One way to do that is by adding plush to your designs. The plush accompaniments shown on these pages allow each design to send its own message to the recipient, and the techniques used to create the designs ensure the plush pieces will stay dry. Start with arrangements of your choice, either made in your department or ready-made by your suppliers, and pair a variety of plush styles with them for added value and increased sales for your department.

HOW-TO: Place two pieces of cellophane diagonally on top of each other, and cut a small hole in the center of both pieces. Insert a plant stake in the hole, and tape the cellophane to the stake with waterproof tape, making sure it is leakproof. Cover the portion of the stake below the cellophane with stem wrap so the wooden stake does not wick moisture. Place the plush dog into the cellophane poof. Wrap wire around the dog’s neck, and attach it to the top of the plant stake. Finally, insert the picked plush into the arrangement.

MATERIALS: “Fetch” the Puppy from Betallic LLC; 8-inch pot cover from Búquet Supply Inc.; seeded Eucalyptus and carnations from favorite suppliers.



HOW-TO: Leave one corner of the basket empty, and cover it with cellophane to keep moisture in the floral foam away from the plush frog. Set the frog into this corner of the basket, and wrap its arm around the basket’s handle. Attach the frog’s arm to its chest with a safety pin.

MATERIALS: 12-inch Sitting Hoppy Frog and basket from burton + BURTON; ‘Charlotte’ roses and seeded Eucalyptus from favorite suppliers.



HOW-TO: Slip a piece of raffia through the loop on the plush kangaroo’s head, and tie the animal to the basket’s handle with the raffia. If the plush animal does not have a loop, wrap the raffia around its neck and then tie it to the handle.

MATERIALS: “Punch” the Kangaroo from Betallic LLC; basket from Harvest of Barnstable; ‘Charlotte’ roses, spray carnations, carnations and seeded Eucalyptus from favorite suppliers.


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