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Floral Trends

Conversation hearts add a fun, childlike feel to the sweetest of holidays.

From a simpler time comes the sweet (and sometimes innocent) conversation heart. Old-fashioned candies are all the rage again, both with today’s children and thirty- or forty-somethings who remember the sweets from when they were children. And since no holiday better ties together love and candy, the conversation heart theme is one that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Provide a selection of “heart flavored” gifts from which your customers can
choose, and you’re sure to see an increase in add-on sales as shoppers include gifts from the heart in their holiday purchases.

MATERIALS: Bamboo Sweethearts, above, and Sweet Stuff Mug Assortment, far right, from The John Henry Company; Clay Pot Candy Heart, right center, from Flowers, Inc. Balloons; “Squiggy” plush octopus, right, from First & Main Inc.; yellow sweetheart roses, pink miniature carnations, pink spray chrysanthemums and baby’s breath from favorite supplier.

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