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Three stylish supports for hard-to-handle hyacinths.


     Hyacinths are spectacular springtime specials, and their fragrance is a pure delight, but they can be a challenge to arrange given their thick, fleshy stems and top-heavy inflorescences. But these three design techniques, which provide both mechanical and decorative support, will ensure that all your fabulous hyacinths remain upright and beautiful for all to behold.

     A sheared bundle of fresh bear grass serves as botanical support in this arrangement. The bear grass, which almost completely fills the ceramic vessel, is trimmed to form a grassy hedge that, once the hyacinth stems are tucked in, is just long enough to extend beneath the blooms. The hedgelike structure holds the flowers upright. Bear grass will maintain its fresh appearance for several days, so it can be cut and placed into containers in advance, and several cut hyacinths can be tucked into the grass as needed. Coordinate the flowers’ vibrant hues to that of the vessels to make a dramatic seasonal splash!

For a modern presentation that emphasizes all the flowers’ elements, including their stems, foliage and multiple tiny florets, contain some hyacinths in a defined space under glass. Carefully select the vase based on desired size and shape, and add a layer of gravel to achieve an organic aesthetic.

     A slightly flared container, like the mint julep cup shown here, is ideal for showcasing shorter-stemmed hyacinths. The cup has only to be of sufficient height and weight to support the blossoms without toppling. With the appropriate vase, hyacinths can simply be gathered into a lavish bundle and dropped in on a moment’s notice.

MATERIALS: hyacinths, bear grass and ceramic pot from favorite suppliers; mint julep cup from SNK Enterprises; Celebrity Vase from Syndicate Sales.


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