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mod mix

An unusual botanical combination harmonizes with a contemporary patterned vase.
Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF, FAM

     Perfect for a modern setting, this striking composition takes a short jaunt on the wild side with its variety of exotic materials while preserving a natural feeling with bundles of wheat. The crisscrossed bundles create a “broken sheaf” structure across the top of the vase and provide support for the flowers. Meanwhile, the eye-catching blown-glass container becomes a trendy keepsake that can be enjoyed after the long-lasting flowers have faded. 

MATERIALS: Midori Swirl Vase from Meyer Imports; ‘Black Magic’ roses from Royal Flowers; Wheat Grass from Knud Nielsen Company; Cymbidium orchids, Leucadendrons, bracelet honey myrtle (Melaleuca), lily grass (Liriope) and salal stem from favorite suppliers.


how to

Arrange bundles of wheat and wheat stems in a crisscross formation atop a vase. Bend a fresh salal or other flexible stem into a hairpin shape, and place it over the bundles of wheat/stems and into the vase to hold the bundles in place. Arrange the remaining floral materials.



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