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tiered topiary

A fresh way to showcase a dozen roses.

Design by Tina Stoecker, AIFD, PFCI

    Topiaries of fresh roses, which play to the flowers’ lengthy, sculptural stems and forms, are favorites for special occasions. Here, a three-tiered version, utilizing a dozen roses, offers even more panache over the traditional creation and is easy to assemble, despite its sophisticated styling.

    After the tiers are created and bound, the stems are cut all at once to a height that allows the final grouping of roses to rest upon the vase’s lip. The topiary is simply dropped into the vase, and wispy sprigs of tree fern are added.

MATERIALS: ‘Cherry Brandy’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; Pink Belle Vase from Accent Décor; Wrapsit Floral Ties from Syndicate Sales; tree fern and ribbon from favorite suppliers.


How to 1
Gather three long-stemmed roses in a bundle, and position the flower heads so they are even with each other. Secure the bundle with a zip tie just beneath the blooms.


How to 2
Create the next tier by positioning four roses around the trio’s stems. Secure the quartet with a zip tie about halfway down the stem bundle. Create the lowest tier in a similar manner, tying five roses around the bundle of stems. Trim the zip-tie tails.


How to 3
Turn the zip ties so the bulky junction points are positioned on the backside of the topiary. Tie bows at the top and middle topiary levels to conceal the zip ties. Cut the entire bunch of stems at once, maintaining the tiered height of the 12-stem bundle.


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