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Workbench Basics
One bouquet three ways

Using various packaging options, you can create three different looks—and price points—for the same flower bunch.

A golden bundle of sunflowers, spray mums and goldenrod (Solidaster) in a simple hand-tied formation will be welcomed by consumers for both summer and fall. To give it greater appeal, and increase profits, offer the same bunch three ways—a layered cash-and-carry wrap; a shimmery, ready-to-go flexible vase; or a vase and mesh accent combo boxed and bagged for quick carryout. All of these options can be assembled by your staff ahead of time, are easily merchandised in buckets or the cooler, and allow customers to make their selections quickly and give them immediately as gifts or to enjoy in their own homes.

Sunny-bunch bouquet
The muted gold and burgundy of these fabriclike sheets add a beautiful two-tone accent around the bouquet and allow the yellow-golds of the various flowers to shine through. A clear bouquet sleeve holds the package together and allows an unobstructed view. While still an upgrade from single-sleeved cash-and-carry bouquets, this bouquet beautifully represents an entry-level price point.

Bind the bouquet with paper-covered wire just below the foliage. Layer two Silkin™ sheets at a 45-degree angle to each other, creating an eight-pointed star. Insert the bouquet stems through the precut X-shaped slits in the center of the sheets. Drop the Silkin™-wrapped bouquet into a clear sleeve.

MATERIALS: Silkin™ sheets in gold and burgundy and NO54™ Sleeve from Temkin International; Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis; sunflowers, spray chrysanthemums and Solidago from favorite suppliers.


Beribboned bouquet
Perfect not only for gift-giving but also for party and event centerpieces, a bouquet dressed up in a gold and silver flexible vase and tied with a chocolate ribbon is elegant and fun. It’s also a great option for those who want something ready to display but don’t want a vase to store for later. This bouquet offers a mid-range price point.

Lay the tied bouquet onto the clear plastic vase form, encircling the plastic to create a cone and locking it with the tabs and notches. Center the cone on a decorative sheet, wrap the sheet around the cone and tie it with a ribbon. Then fill the flexible vase with water.

MATERIALS: Flora Fuente™ Flexible Vase in SatinÆ BriteÆ Gold wrap from Highland Supply Corporation; ribbon from Morex Corp.; Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis; sunflowers, spray chrysanthemums and Solidago from favorite suppliers.



Contemporary vase bouquet
Customers find not only beauty but convenience and ease with this prepackaged bouquet that can be carried easily from the store and transported without tipping to its final destination. A light-green mesh adds a distinctive accent that helps break up the bold, solid brights of the vase and flowers. Have these packaged as shown for easy pick-up, but show off an arrangement or two on its own so customers can get the full view. This is the top-level price point.

Slide the tied bouquet through a slit in the center of the mesh sheet. Keep the mesh lower on the stems so the bottom will be hidden within the vase, and secure it to the bundle with paper-covered wire. This ensures the mesh is left in place as a design element and not removed by consumers. Insert the vase arrangement into a delivery box and clear bag.

MATERIALS: Mezzo Mesh Sheet in Cucumber from Temkin International; Jordan Vase from Syndicate Sales, Inc.; Clear Arrangement Bag with Insert from Gift Box Corporation of America.; Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis; sunflowers, spray chrysanthemums and Solidago from favorite suppliers.

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