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enhanced plants for mom

A simple splash of swirled aluminum wires glamorizes a potted Cyclamen for Mother’s Day.

     Favored flowers for spring, Cyclamens are glorious gifts for Mother’s Day, and with their lush bed of greenery, above which the striking blooms tower, they beg to be enhanced with some colorful elements. Here, we’ve obliged with swirls of decorative wire that will appeal to the modern mom.

     The swirls can be created in advance and tucked into the plants as needed. For moms with more traditional tastes, bows or ribbon streamers can replace the wiry embellishments.

MATERIALS: Cyclamen plant from favorite supplier; Tin Square Recycled container from Syndicate Sales; Oasis™ Aluminum Wire from Oasis® Floral Products.


how to:

Using needle-nose pliers, twist aluminum wire into a tight coil. Once the coil is the desired size, clip the wire from the spool, leaving enough wire at the end of the coil to form a pick. Bend the coiled wire, so it will be horizontal when inserted into the plant


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