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lilies for mom

A simple offering for young gift-givers can be customized to include any of momís favorite hues.

    Kids love to give gifts for Motherís Day, and a simple yet impressive flower presentation can be just what mom needs to brighten her day. The single lily stem, in a straight-sided bud vase nestled into a bundle of grasses, is affordable enough for every child, even in larger families, to pick one. Customize the individual presentations with lilies of the childís color choice. Use rubber bands to secure the grasses around the perimeter of the bud vase, and cover the bands with a pair of wooden napkin rings, painted to coordinate with the blooms, or a pretty tie of ribbon.

lily, lily grass (Liriope) and test-tube or straight-sided cylinder vase from favorite suppliers; wooden napkin rings from crafts store.

How To

Arrange lily grass around a straight-sided bud vase, and secure with rubber bands. Conceal the rubber bands with wooden napkin rings or a coordinating tie of ribbon.

Design Tip

Remove the anthers before the pollen sheds because it will stain the flowers as well as other surfaces, fabrics and skin.

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