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april 2008  vol.21 • no.4

Committed to providing information and strategies to help sell more product, enhance business efficiency, and increase profits for supermarket and mass-market florists.

Gerbera mania
Breeders introduce new colors and styles of these hot sellers.

Lamb’s Markets: Wedding success
Upscale Oregon independent grows its nuptial business by providing the best in flowers and service.

Wedding trends 2008
Know what flowers, colors and styles fashionable brides are clamoring for.

Care guide to the top blooming plants
Here’s what you need to know to help your customers feel confident in their selections.

California and Florida: Sunnyside up
Top U.S. floriculture states retain their status despite a shaky economy, industry challenges and natural disasters.

How effective is your floral team?
Find out what dissatisfies shoppers the most and what you can do about it.

Send us your entries
Don’t miss your last chance to enter the 2008 “Merchandising Award of Excellence” contest.

Six months out: Time to order
Get customers in the mood for a fun Halloween with a pumpkin-themed display.


April 2008

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Merchandising ideas and planning tips

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Wedding consultations

merchandising merit
Prescription for sales

hot options
Mom’s the word

workbench basics
Bouquet holders concealed

cut flower of the month

blooming plant of the month
Protea, Leucadendron, Leucospermum

foliage plant of the month
Ponytail palm

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Gifts for the modern mom

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