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Confectionary creations

Captivating caketoppers are sure to inspire brides-to-be.

Get your slice of wedding sales by capitalizing on two of your store’s strengths—the floral department and the bakery. Try out some of these designs and consider creating a photo portfolio that can be browsed both at the bakery and the floral counter to cross-merchandise your offerings.

Using three shades of sheer ribbon easily brings a bride’s colors to her wedding cake, and the simple ribbon mechanic to which the blooms are attached makes a breathtaking and light-as-a-feather topper. This arrangement can be modeled after the bride’s bouquet or can use entirely different floral selections to coordinate with a chosen color scheme.

HOW TO: Make four to six bows, and wire them into a single group. Arrange the loops as desired to create the base of your topper. Glue blooms and leaves directly to the ribbons with floral adhesive.

MATERIALS: ribbon from burton + BURTON; floral adhesive from Floralife, Inc.; statice, spray chrysanthemums and variegated Pittosporum from favorite suppliers.



The high collar of this topper, designed specifically for use on cakes, gives this arrangement added height and drama while mirroring the traditional lace found in some bridal attire and bouquets. Variegated Pittosporum forms a collar for the arrangement, while the Gerbera and ‘Anna’ rose stems are cut to varying heights to create a domed shape.

HOW TO: Cut a circle of floral foam to fit the cake topper, leaving the top flat and about 1/4 inch above the topper’s rim. Beveling the edge of the foam allows the foliage and flowers to more easily obscure the mechanic. Insert variegated Pittosporum stems into the foam at an angle.

MATERIALS: Lomey® Lace Caketop from Smithers Oasis; Gerberas, ‘Anna’ roses, statice and variegated Pittosporum from favorite suppliers.



This cake topper has dramatic impact for a relatively low cost. The use of a single Hydrangea stem divided into smaller bunches makes the floral investment beyond the roses minimal. To protect the cake from the water-filled foam, look no farther than your general merchandise department—a paper or plastic plate in a coordinating color does the trick and provides a sleek base with an attractive beveled edge.

HOW TO: Choose a paper or plastic plate from your general merchandise department in a coordinating color, and turn it upside down to create a base. Divide a single Hydrangea stem into smaller sets of blooms and place them into the floral foam, strategically placing roses to finish obscuring the foam.

MATERIALS: Iglu® Holder from Smithers Oasis; plate from general merchandise section; ‘Anna’ roses and Hydrangea from favorite suppliers.

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