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Two producers from St. Louis, Mo., have released the trailer for Bloomtown, a reality Web series they believe will help increase sales for the floral industry.

The series, which features funny, fanatical people working in the horticulture business, is a collaborative effort from Stephanie Winslow, president of FlopaK, a floral packaging company in St. Louis, and executive producer, Erik Light, also based in the Gateway City.

Available at and on their YouTube Channel, the series features a variety of colorful characters in the industry, from growers and sellers, designers, supply chain workers, backyard gardeners and consumers.

"They filmed us three or four times over the season," flower farmer Miranda Duschack says. "They even flew a small drone over the farm to get those great aerial shots."

Miranda and her partner, Karen “Mimo” Davis, own Urban Buds, a flower farm located in the inner city of St. Louis where they grow 70 varieties of specialty cut flowers. Urban Buds was one of the operations featured in the Bloomtown trailer, which has caught the attention of floral industry people and flower enthusiasts from across the country.

Erik says, “This is not your typical how-to gardening series. Bloomtown is character-driven. We've found some seriously funny and fascinating people working in this industry, and we're excited to introduce you to them."

The idea for Bloomtown was born when Stephanie, fresh back from a trip to Europe where flowers are much more ingrained in the culture, met up with Erik, a family friend, and they started discussing ideas about how to increase flower and plant sales in the U.S.

“Europeans buy, grow, give and enjoy plants and flowers on a daily basis,” Stephanie explains. “As the U.S. begins to trend toward organic, eco-friendly, home-grown options, we believed the time was right to create an online community like Bloomtown, where people from every corner of society can access the power of the flower.”

Stephanie and Erik launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign during the Bloomtown premiere party in St. Louis on Jan. 29. The goal is to raise enough money to produce the first three episodes of the series. In the meantime, Bloomtown released a week of content prior to Valentine's Day.

Click here to view the trailer for Bloomtown.



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